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Make your space a live show venue


Your place and interests are unique, so host a live, ethical show for artists YOU love and invite your friends to be part of that soul-sharing experience. Not only are you offering a listening space for original work, but you’re enabling performers to receive a living wage.


It’s More Than the Ambiance

Want to hear undiscovered music? Do you care about giving performers a living wage like we do? How about taking a couple of hours and unplugging so you can get connected to performer’s original work and making new friends while at it? We are taking entertainment to a whole new place. Your friend’s place. Garage, rooftop, living room, backyard, and on and on. Come to a show and be moved. It’s a listening show.


Play Original Work, Be Heard, and Get Paid Fairly

Lymlight is turning the eyes and ears back where it is deserved. Your original work is your heart and soul. It drives you and now it drives us. Get paid a living wage for the hard work and money you are pouring into this thing you want to call your job, not your side hustle. Create a free account and let’s change the landscape of the music industry together.

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