Interested in Hosting? It’s Simple.


  1. Make a profile on Lymlight.
  2. Find a performer you like and send them a message.
  3. Nail down a date, how many people you can get there, and a ticket price.
  4. Fill your seats. Be sure people purchase a spot through Lymlight.

Make It Your Flavor

Some people like to have a potluck or time for guests to talk ahead of the show. Many do BYOB. Whatever your style of putting on an event, it’s important that when the show starts, the people take a seat and listen. One essential characteristic of shows booked through Lymlight is that they are for listening audiences. Our performers are not background music for a party or gathering. Performers on our site are expecting a sit-down, listening audience. If this isn’t your style, attend a show first and see what you think.

Your Job as a Host

As a host, your job is for the show to be ethical. What’s an ethical show? It’s where the performer gets paid a living wage. Too often, artists are pulled to either starvation or stardom. Performers put in 4-5 hours of prep for one hour of performance just for starters…travel, set up, take down, set practice, etc. Those efforts are often overlooked, but not with our hosts. Ticket prices need to reflect a genuine interest in the performer’s well being.

If you host, you’ll be asking your guests to put all distractions aside, putting attention and monetary value where it is deserved. Trust us, when this happens, so does the magic.

What You Get

Want a free hosting guide to see if it’s what you want to do? Email for the hosting guide. 

Please see the FAQ page for more answers to common questions about hosting!

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