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What does Lymlight do?

Lymlight provides a web platform where performers and people with space can contact each other to organize house shows. They can then send the ticket link to their friends and family to buy a ticket through the platform so that no one has to keep track of cash. Performers and hosts sign up and use the platform FREE of charge.


What is a house show?

A house show is a performance for at least 10 guests in someone’s cozy space (living room, backyard, barn, rooftop, etc). It is an attentive experience in a space where people disconnect from the outside world and immerse themselves in a meaningful performance. House shows and house concerts are interchangeable terms. Because we provide performance opportunities for many performance genres (music, dance, comedy, poetry, etc), the term house concert doesn’t always work, so we have blanketed the experience to be called a house show.


Who can be a performer?

A performer on Lymlight usually fits somewhere in the genres of music, dance, comedy, and poetry. Original work is required because of the performance rights associated with it. By requiring artists to play only original work, we avoid the requirement for hosts to get gain performance licenses of copyrighted works. Performance licenses can be expensive for hosts of non-commercial venues. Performers can be solo or have multiple members in the group. If part of a group, one person in that group should manage their group account.


As a performer, how often can I play?

Play as often as you are able to book venues on Lymlight. If you know of people who have hosted in the past, but are not yet on Lymlight as a host, encourage them to make an account profile so that you can add them to your Lymlight tour for your upcoming shows.


How do performers get paid?

Guests to events made on our platform must buy a ticket to your show through our platform for tax purposes. This ensures that you and the host are always in the know about how many seats are getting filled based on the number of tickets sold for each event. When tickets to a show are sold, upon completion of the show, the ticket sales will automatically be deposited into your bank account. No concerns on your end about cash or having to deposit it or carry it around later. We’ll keep track of your earnings and then issue you a 1099 summary of your earnings at the end of the tax year to make running your music business easier.


How do I host a show?

Make an account with Lymlight. Make your user profile and then select the option to add a venue, which may be your place (living room, backyard, rooftop, etc.). Once you add the details to the venue, you can contact performers you are interested in coming to play at your space. Performers will also be able to contact you to set up shows. You can choose to accept or decline their requests to be hosted.


Who can host?

Anyone who has space for at least 10 people can host. Be considerate of your neighbors. You can choose if you want to host a performer once, regularly, or sporadically. The calendar is in your hands. Be sure that you book performers that match your space. For example, if you are in an apartment with neighbors above and below, you may want to host a performer that needs very little sound or no sound system at all. If there is no parking where you live, tell your guests there is no parking and it is best to use a car-ride app.


How often can I host?

As often as you want while keeping peace in the neighborhood. The goal is to help performers gain an audience and a living wage, while building community around local, live meaningful shows.


What is involved in hosting?

As a host, be sure your space is clean. On your venue profile, include if there are pets in case guests are allergic. Pets should not be in the same area as guests to reduce liability and pet allergy symptoms. Negotiate an acceptable ticket price with the performer. Ask the performer what they need from you in order to do their show (power outlets for plugging in equipment, bar stool, etc.). Be sure to download the Guide to Hosting PDF found in your email and on our website.

Our platform facilitates ethical shows, which ensures an artist gets paid a living wage . Collecting cash or payment at the door for tickets is prohibited for tax purposes. Guests must use the link from the event created between you and the performer to purchase tickets. This ensures that all transactions are easy, in one sum for distribution to the performer, and for tax purposes. Performers receive all of the ticket sales.

As a host, you are responsible for getting people to come to the show and fill your seats. If you do not fill your seats, know that artists will review you and subsequently will not want to book with you. They depend financially on you filling your seats. Invite your neighbors, family, and friends. Know your city noise ordinances and abide by them, including hours.

Be the kind of host you would want your neighbors to be. If there is no parking, inform guests to use public transit, a car ride app, etc. Your space shouldn’t be so crowded that people have to crawl over each other to get out. Follow fire code ordinances in your city.


What happens if I need to cancel a show?

Once you have made an event, you are responsible to see the show through to the end. Performers and venues will be able to rate each other when an event has been cancelled or completed. Cancellations look bad and should be avoided where possible to maintain a trusting relationship. Keep in mind that hosts work very hard to make time and space for performers and that should be respected, esp if they have begun inviting guests. If you are a host cancelling on a performer, this is much like cancelling a day’s worth of work for them. It affects their income and their tour dates.


How much of the ticket sales go to performers?

All of the ticket sales go to the performers.


How does Lymlight make money?

We add a service fee of 15% on top of each ticket sale at the point of sale that comes directly from the guest purchasing the ticket. 3.5% of that service fee is for credit card processing.


How do I split proceeds if I have multiple people in my performance?

The account/profile holder on Lymlight will receive to their bank account, the complete sum of money when the event is completed. We recommend that as a touring act, you have a business bank account set up and use that for depositing the ticket sales. Once Lymlight distributes the funds from the show, Lymlight takes no responsibility for distribution of the funds to the members of the group once they are dispersed to the account holder’s bank.


As a general user, how do I find shows to attend?

Once you make a user account, you can follow a performer or venue and see upcoming shows and choose to attend. Additionally, you will have access to shows that are made public. The venues will have a cross street address so you know the distance you would need to travel. Upon ticket purchase, you will get an email with details of the show, including location.


Are tickets refundable?

Tickets are refundable up to 7 days in advance. The service charge is not refundable.


How many tickets can I buy at a time?

You are given a limit of four tickets per person.


Are House Shows Public?

The United States Copyright Law defines a public place as any place where persons outside of “a normal circle of family and friends” are gathered. If you want to make your house show public, meaning that you publicly display your address, you must obtain a business music license from the Performing Right Organizations (BMI, ASCAP, SESAC). Contact them for more information on licenses. You are responsible to pay any associated license fees and keep up with the renewals.


For a typical, private house show, do not post your address publicly on information to the public. They are by invitation only. If you choose to send out flyers, use a separate personal website, or other promotional material for the show outside of the Lymlight platform, people should contact you for an invitation and specific location. We recommend directing them to Lymlight’s platform to create a profile and follow your venue for updates on shows. All guests should have some connection to the artist or host personally or via the platform as a follower. Lymlight does not display addresses of the shows. Instead, guests who have purchased tickets will receive an email that includes the venue location.

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